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YOLO Darkside

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You know a pre-workout named Yolo has to be amazing. Hypo Supps never disappoints and this Yolo Dark Side in Purple Punch or Blue Bomb is the next kick you need before your next workout routine to increase your pumps and get the best gains. Yolo won’t give you a crash afterword which all fitness enthusiasts will appreciate.

*WARNING* EXTREME STIMULANT Product is for experienced pre-workout consumers.

Key Benifits

-Major Increase in Focus
-Huge PUMP Formula
-Extra Beta Alanine for more tingle
-DMHA Infused for Energy


NOOLVL: A patented, no stimulant, that boosts cognitive performance and energy.

BETA-ALANINE: Enhances performance by increasing exercise capacity and decreasing muscle fatigue

BETAINE ANHYDROUS: Works as an osmolyte in the body just like creatine. Increase cell volume and fluid balance.

DMHA: Produces superior energy and focus that far exceeds the effects of other stimulants

L-THEANINE: A potent cognitive enhancer that helps target the stimulation effects of caffeine, pushing them to where you need them most. Results in better energy and less crashing.