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Phena-Lean POWDER

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Phena-Lean is Anabolic Warfare’s high-powered, stimulant-fueled fat-burning supplement, packed full of potent ingredients, including caffeine, isopropylnorsynephrine, and alpha yohimbine. There are a few other sensory and weight-loss supporting compounds in the mix, such as Lean GBB branded GBB, citrus aurantium, theobromine, tyrosine, and Paradoxine grains of paradise.

Anabolic Warfare has now taken its fat burner Phena-Lean and turned it into a flavored powder product, as previously, it was only available in capsule format. The alternative version has many of the same ingredients as the original; however, the flavored option is fully transparent. The capsule Phena-Lean wraps all of its ingredients in a blend, so it’s difficult to say what’s the same or different.