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Creatine Carnage

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Original price $39.99
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Are you looking for bigger pumps which translates into bigger gains? Creatine Carnage delivers big time. With 50 servings per container you really get your money’s worth, and the best part is it has a natural flavor so add to your drink of choice. Build your strength, increase your muscle power, and last longer to get even better gains.


Creatine Carnage features creatine formula to deliver the most water soluble best tasting powder creatine.

Creatine studies show that 100% of the creatine is absorbed.

Creatine does offer one huge advantage for athletes over the standard creatine monohydrate. Creatine helps increase oxygen levels in the bloodstream, which allow for better pumps while training.


-Power & Strength*


-No Water Retention*

-Muscle Mass*